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Class 2016

Posted by Oksana Khariv


Meet our Class 2016 students in the Paving the Path to University program, which is part of our EBB project! Six orphans have been selected to participate in the program: Ulyana, Mariya, Svyatoslav, Dmitriy, Vitaliy, and Eduard from the orphanage in Lviv. These students have the opportunity to study one-on-one with experienced teachers to prepare for the university entrance exams in Ukraine (equivalent to SAT in the US).

“I plan to apply to the Sports University in Lviv. I believe that education is a key beacon in one’s life because through education we grow as individuals and as a nation. The EBB project will enable me to prepare for the entrance exams and to gain a different perspective on life.” ~ Eduard.

“Education plays a very important role in my life. I know that without education I will not have a chance to become a successful person, have a future and take care of people that I love. The EBB project will help me to prepare for the entrance exams to study economics. I am very grateful for having an opportunity to participate in the project and I thank the people who launched this initiative.” ~ Ulyana.

Concert of Muses

Posted by Oksana Khariv

Yulia Luky speaks about our work at the Concert of Muses. Special thanks to everyone who came out to Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts to support our projects committed to helping children in Ukraine.

Photography by Trevor Korbin

muse_61 muse_31-checker muse_45-checker muse_123