Education Breaks Barriers Project

In partnership with Sublimitas, we launched the Education Breaks Barriers project to provide quality educational opportunities to socio-economically disadvantaged children and youth and enable them to develop their potential through education.

Building on Sublimitas’ success with the Paving the Path to University program, we first have implemented the same program in one of the orphanages in Lviv (western Ukraine) and launched the Change-Makers program for orphans in Lviv.

Both programs are unique as they are informed by rigorous research, locally relevant, and address the immediate needs of disadvantaged children and youth. There is no equivalent to the Paving the Path to University program for orphans in Ukraine. Although mentoring as a concept has been gaining traction in Ukraine on the national level for the past two years, no similar program has been established that enables university students to serve as mentors to orphans in Ukraine.

Given the inadequate academic preparation in orphanages and lack of resources available to orphans, our Paving the Path to University program enables orphans to prepare for the university entrance exams through intensive tutoring that enhances their academic competencies and skills and to apply to pursue higher education free-of-charge in Ukraine. Each student identifies three core subjects to be tested on. Our tutors are experienced teachers who are selected outside of the orphanage school.

Our Change-Makers mentoring program is designed for disadvantaged children (orphans) who are in need of emotional and academic support due to family traumas. The young children are paired up with their tutor-mentors, who are current students at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). The selected UCU students major in social work and are committed to improving the lives of the most disadvantaged children. The tutor-mentors meet with their mentees one-on-one once or twice a week for two hours to provide children with academic support and help them develop their potential through education. Our program enables Ukrainian youth to make a difference in disadvantaged children’s lives, and affords an opportunity for the tutor-mentors to design a tailored curriculum for their mentees, apply their professional skills in practice, and act as role models for the young children. We are proud to be partnering with the Ukrainian Catholic University that fosters civic responsibility and academic excellence.

At the core of our program rests a firm belief that education transforms individuals, communities, and societies. We are making a lasting impact in society by making a difference in one child’s life by enabling them to pursue higher education and being supported by a role model to develop their potential. By investing in a quality and equitable education, we invest in sustainable development of a country itself.

Our Work in Ukraine

Program Requirements

We work with the orphanages and war-traumatized children and youth. In Ukraine, applications are due by mid September. Applications are accepted from orphans and children and youth deprived of parental care. We are continuously expanding our footprint by building partnerships with local communities. To check if we work in your country or city, please email us at: and



Our Class 2016 included six orphans: Ulyana, Mariya, Stanislav, Dmytro, Vitaliy, and Eduard met with experienced teachers (who teach in public schools in Lviv), and received intensive tutoring in math, geography, Ukrainian literature and language, biology, history, and music to be able to prepare for university entrance exams in Ukraine (equivalent to SAT in the US).


I am studying at the Lviv State University of Physical Culture. To apply to the university, I had to take entrance exams in: Ukrainian history, biology, Ukrainian language. Your project enabled me to overcome these barriers, prepare for the exams,...


Last year, I was a student of the "Education overcomes Barriers" Class 2016. I was able to learn and study with experienced and talented teachers who dedicated a lot of time to us.

Today, I am soldier in...


Currently, I am a first year student at the Lviv Conservatory. The project has provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn how to develop myself in all aspects of my life and certainly inspired me to believe in myself....


I am 19 years old and I participated in the project: "Education breaks barriers."
Thanks to this project and great teachers, I successfully passed the entrance exams and was accepted to the Lviv National Franko University to study geography.


I’d like to share with you that I’m a student at the College of Education of Lviv National Franko University, specializing in Elementary education teaching. My program is a two-year program that will enable me to become a junior specialist...


I am studying at the Lviv State University of Physical Culture. It is the only university in Ukraine that allows you to combine sports and training (studying).

My plans for the future? Generally, I have not thought about...

Our Class 2017 included five orphans: Tanya, Oleg, Yana, Viktoria, and Markian met with experienced teachers (who teach in public schools in Lviv), and received intensive tutoring in math, English, Ukrainian literature and language, biology, and history to be able to prepare for university entrance exams in Ukraine.


Accepted to the Veterinary University.


Accepted to the School of Economics.


Accepted to the College of Education of Lviv National Franko University.


I want to thank the project "Education Breaks Barriers" for giving me a chance to be able to study at the university of my dreams, for support and faith, for being indifferent and for helping me to realize that...


I'm studying at the Academy in Lviv majoring in computer science. I really enjoy the program and my classmates are wonderful. Thanks to the "Education Breaks Barriers" and excellent teachers, I was able to improve my knowledge and pass the...


Our mentors who participated in our program included students from the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). Throughout the year UCU students worked with their mentees from the orphanage in Lviv.

Ira and her mentee Alina




Chrystuna and her mentee Anton




Mentors and their mentees