Education Matters Initiative

Education Breaks Barriers Project

In partnership with Sublimitas, we launched the Education Breaks Barriers project to provide quality educational opportunities to socio-economically disadvantaged children and youth in Ukraine.

The learning center is based in Lviv, Ukraine, offering after-school educational programs for children and youth who are falling academically behind, who seek to improve their academic performance, and who are driven to pursue higher education but have no adequate preparation or resources.

The learning center will also provide life skills workshops and practical training programs to enrolled students in vocational schools and universities to better prepare for adult life and future careers.


Make a tax deductible donation to help disadvantaged children in Ukraine to recieve quality education.


Little Friendships Project

We work with children who became invisible victims of war and provide them with the necessary tools and friendly environments to foster their development. We believe that creative learning and discovery enables children to desegregate and form a natural interest in a subject. That’s why we partnered with Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts to create workshops that focus on teaching through art.

To encourage cultural learning, we are collaborating with schools across the U.S. for the American children to build virtual friendships with their counterparts in Ukraine. If your school is interested in participating or would like to learn more, please contact us at [email protected]

Omnis Soccer Project

We launched a new project to educate the disadvantaged children through sports. Omnis Soccer formed a soccer team that includes children from four schools in a rural town of Kazanka (Mykolaiv region, Ukraine). These children will have an opportunity to learn how to work in teams, become disciplined, develop skills and build friendships.


Our Progress

Learn what our students in Class 2016 say about the Education Breaks Barriers project

July 1, 2016

Meet our Class 2016 students in the Paving the Path to University program, which is part of our EBB project! Six orphans have been selected to participate in the program – Ulyana,…

March 27, 2016

Omnis Foundation (formerly Ukraine United Foundation) and Sublimitas launched the Education Breaks Barriers project in Lviv, Ukraine in September 2015. The Education Breaks Barriers (EBB) project provides equal educational opportunities for…

January 20, 2016