Health Matters Initiative

Only between April 2014 and February 2015, at least 14,000 people were wounded as a result of the unrest in Eastern Ukraine. Included in these numbers were at least 630 women and 159 children. The numbers continue to rise. Hospitals in Ukraine are above capacity and lack the necessary tools and equipment to treat the wounded, preventing injured from receiving the appropriate medical treatment.

We launched the Health Matters Initiative to equip such hospitals with the tools required to provide an adequate care.

Medical Supplies Program

We are collecting medical supplies and equipment from manufacturers, hospitals, and surpluses to help the doctors  in Ukraine to treat and save lives of children and families in need. We partner with Everybody Can (Кожен Може), a Kyiv-based non-profit, to identify the needs of the hospitals in Ukraine and distribute care packages directly to the treatment facilities in Ukraine.

Our program includes a pick-up service of donated supplies from the US-participating institutions. We organize the shipments of the collected supplies directly to the Ukrainian hospitals. Our partners visit the hospitals in Ukraine and maintain a close communication with the doctors to ensure we are sending items that are most in demand. We provide updates to the US institutions participating in our program on how the supplies are used in Ukraine.

To make a donation of surplus medical supplies or equipment, or to request further information, please contact us at [email protected]

Medical Education Program

If you are interested in participating in our medical education project or would like to learn more, please contact us at [email protected]


Our Work

We started with Ukraine in response to an ongoing medical crisis in the country.