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Oksana Khariv


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I believe in opportunities. When you provide people with opportunities, teach them how to utilize their creativity, you essentially set them on a path to unlock their full potential to advance technology, economy, medicine. To advance our lives.

It was not until I was given the opportunity to study in the U.S., that I truly understood this principle. Growing up in Ukraine, behind the Iron Curtain, in the former USSR, where even freedom of speech was denied, I had no future. We were told how and what to think, and a view of the global world was engraved in our minds by the propaganda. The concept of being what I wanted to be was completely foreign to me. I knew what I had to be because my role, just as everyone else’s in that society, was predetermined by the system. The entire nation was robbed of the natural right to develop their own minds, probably robbing the world of dozens of advancements that a free society could create.

While my Ukrainian background set the basis for an original outlook on life, the U.S. provided the opportunity to build on my talents and taught me that with a bit of fortunate timing and hard work one can become whatever they set their minds on.

That’s why I founded Omnis – I want to provide the underprivileged Ukrainians with the opportunity I was once given. With your support, we will enable Ukrainians to learn, create, and flourish, and thus spread the social responsibility globally.