Omnis Foundation and Sublimitas launched the Education Breaks Barriers project in Lviv, Ukraine in September 2015.

The Education Breaks Barriers (EBB) project provides equal educational opportunities for the most disadvantaged children and youth in Ukraine. Building on Sublimitas success with the Paving the Path to University program, we have implemented the same program in one of the orphanages in Lviv (western Ukraine) and launched Academic Support and Mentoring program for war-orphaned children residing in Lviv.

Six orphans have been selected to participate in the Paving the Path to University program (Class 2016). Ulyana, Mariya, Svyatoslav, Dmitriy, Vitaliy, and Eduard meet with experienced teachers (who teach in public schools in Lviv), and receive intensive tutoring in math, geography, Ukrainian literature and language, biology, history, and music to be able to prepare for university entrance exams in Ukraine (equivalent to SAT in the US).

Our Academic Support and Mentoring program admitted four war-affected children (grades 1-9) who have fallen behind academically due to family traumas or displacement and seek academic support with English, math, or sciences. The young children are paired up with their tutor-mentors, who are current students at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). The selected UCU students major in social work and are committed to improving the lives of the most disadvantaged children. The tutor-mentors meet with their mentees one-on-one twice a week on the premises of the Ukrainian Catholic University and provide children with academic support to help them develop their potential through education. Our program enables Ukrainian youth to make a difference in disadvantaged children’s lives, and affords an opportunity for the tutor-mentors to design a tailored curriculum for their mentees, apply their professional skills in practice, and act as strong role models for the young children. We are proud to be partnering with the Ukrainian Catholic University that fosters civic responsibility and academic excellence.

United we will make a difference in children’s lives!

20 Jan, 2016 - EducationMatters