Passion and ideals of many volunteers in Ukraine are overwhelming. Completely pro-bono, they established camp RaDity for kids whose fathers either died in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine or were serving there. RaDity means to enjoy in Ukrainian. And during 2 summer months kids from the entire Ukraine enjoyed the welcoming environment of a tiny village Nedilna.

They lived in tents, learned new skills through different activities, and built life-long friendships. Volunteers looked after kids, cooked meals; physiologists weaved in special exercises into kids’ daily activities and through art, music and dance helped them deal with the trauma.

We visited RaDity, located at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains in Nedilna, on its last day – kids were playing a game (similar to Scavenger hunt). Organized, happy and creative. Volunteers, dressed in home-made costumes only added more magic to this incredible environment.


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4 Sep, 2015 - Blog