Tatyana K Nelson


[email protected]

Being born in Ukraine and having the opportunity to work in corporate America, one quickly realizes the importance of a work/life balance. And it’s crucial to find the time to give back. Personally phased by the flaws in Ukraine’s development and, specifically, the medical system, I wanted to find a way to contribute. When I first moved to Houston, I saw a post from Omnis looking for volunteers. After some research, I was impressed with how impactful and organized the foundation was, being only eight months old at the time. I was truly impressed with all the accomplishments and knew my time would be best spent with an organization that’s moving forward in strides and making a difference in a country that is so close to my heart. I am looking forward to what we can achieve when allowing equal chances for the bright kids of Ukraine and giving them the opportunity to follow the route of education and self-accomplishment.